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Single Vision

Single vision lenses offer only one type of vision correction, so they are suitable for people with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Most prescription glasses and reading glasses have single vision lenses.

Progressive Vision

Progressive lenses are designed for people who need more than vision correction, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. The surface of the lens has different prescription areas, but it looks completely seamless.


These lenses offer a range of protective treatments, including blue light filtering, which is essential if you spend a lot of time in front of the screen. We carry more than 1000 trendy frames in tons of different styles.

Corrective contact lenses

These lenses are stiffer because they are used to flatten/reshape the cornea to temporarily restore proper light refraction (also known as corneal refractive therapy), and are often used at night to restore daytime vision.

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Browse our selection of designer glasses and choose your favorite frame


Add your prescription and we will recommend the best lenses for you


Select the lens brand and thickness, then add the desired treatments


Order your glasses and enjoy full aftercare both in-store and online

Lenses description

Lenses description

Blue light lenses

Designed to reduce blue light exposure from natural and digital sources while reducing eye fatigue. Available in prescription and non-prescription glasses.

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At Glasia, our ophthalmologists and managers provide expert advice for all your eye health and vision needs. Learn about the latest eye exam techniques, how to personalize your lenses, the latest eyewear trends, and the full range of services.

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What our customers say

Rio Hunter


Great price, great quality, and great customer service. I have two pairs, and because of my recommendation, my girlfriend also has a pair, and all of my glasses-wearing siblings have a pair. Keep up the great work, Glasia team!

Daniyal Bell


I’ve worn glasses my whole life, and they're now a very important accessory to me. So, being able to buy good quality and affordable glasses to switch up my look is SO important to me. Can't believe I waited this long to try them. So happy!

Hannah Rhodes


My glasses arrived very quickly and are of great quality. The price was very affordable, even for me (and I have a very severe prescription). I love that you can just upload a picture of your prescription and they will help you with the rest. Awesome!


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